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Before Italk about my digital collections, it’s important to explain what NFTs are.


What arethe NFTs?


NFT =Non-fungible token: certificates of ownership on digital works


In Italianmeans not duplicable token


An NFT is adigital content that represents real-world objects such as artwork, music,games, and collections of any kind.


Who buys awork linked to a non-fungible token does not buy the work itself, but simplythe possibility of proving a right to the work, guaranteed through a smartcontract.


Below, I’llexplain what NFT are in detail.


It allstarts with a digital version of the artwork. Typically, we use a digital photoor its documentation filmed and saved in digital format. This digital versionis a sequence of numbers, 0 and 1 in the computer language.


Thissequence is then "compressed" into a sequence, called a hash, derivedfrom it but much shorter, with a noninvertible process known as hashing.


Importantly,those who own the digital document can easily calculate the hash, while it isvirtually impossible for anyone else to reconstruct a digital document from ahash.


The nextstep is storing this hash on a blockchain, with an associated time stamp.


The NFTkeeps track of hash sales, so that it is possible to trace the hash’s handingover to its creator, thus proving its ownership.

Thismechanism therefore provides proof of authenticity and, at the same time, ofownership of the digital work.


The hashholder, according to the NFT, can demonstrate his rights without the need tocontact intermediaries and without time limit.



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